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Roland & Whytock Co. Inc.

Company History

William H. Roland and William Whytock formed a partnership in 1903 to develop a product line for sale to manufacturers primarily in the jewelry industry. Roland & Whytock was established in 1909 on Calendar St. in Providence, RI.

As time passed and inventions created new products, the company adapted. Soon a wide variety of manufacturers were being supplied. Having moved twice and prospered through more than a century as Roland and Whytock Co., Inc., the main office and factory are now located in the building built for its use at 75 Oxford Street by William H. Roland, Jr. (1912-1991). Through his efforts the company has earned a solid reputation as a supplier of high quality machined parts.

Now in its fourth generation, Roland & Whytock's 25,000 sq. ft physical plant is a state of the art climate controlled manufacturing and inspection facility, with an impressive facilities list of technologically advanced equipment. This technology allows Roland & Whytock to produce competitively priced precision machined components to a wide variety of industries while meeting customer's strict lead times.

New technology, CNC Swiss Turning, the commitment to customer service, and our readiness for change will continue to help us prosper. In this quest we must never forget the dedication to quality and integrity that has been passed on since 1903.

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